Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Online village

This was my internship for Sriven Multitech,Hyderabad. I had to visualize a virtual village as an interface that allows the farmer to acess useful information through kiosks. The challenge was to keep the communication independent of any particular language for universal use and convenience of the rural audience.We created an experience of a virtual tour of a village and positioned different functions in their logical location over the village topography. For example, prices of agricultural products would arrive when you click on to the hyperlink placed on the village market place in the mainpage which is an aerial view of the whole village. This takes you inside the market where you scroll sidewise to simulate a walk, till you reach the grocery store. A click on the store links you to the price chart which is regularly updated through the server to reflect prices in local markets.
The village is alive with little animated sequences that are entertaining and informative. The characters are funny and the mood light hearted.

This project was awarded the first prize in an online competion from Macromedia titled Flashclash

Home page : Aerial shot of the village

Level 2: Grocery store

Level 2: Animated sequence with a social message

Level 2: Flower market with link for prices

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